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Project Management

We have an excellent track record of bringing in projects on-time and to-budget that deliver the intended business benefits. FirstDBS can help at any level of project management from setting the original plan and budgets to the day-to-day monitoring of project progress. We have successfully worked with clients in both hands-on and advisory roles. Do you want someone to go with you every step of the way on a project from inception through implementation and beyond to successful running and review of the process? Or just a quick review to ensure that your project is still on-track? We can help you ensure a successful and timely project which will enhance your business success.

Process Re-design and Improvement

Have you ever felt that there must be a better way to carry out your day-to day business tasks - if only you had the time to stop and work it out? Or realised that you should be doing some forward planning if you could only stop fire-fighting and find the time? Do you find that all your staff are working hard, yet the sum total effect of their efforts is less than it should be? We can help you map your processes and develop a better method for doing business. FirstDBS aims to reduce or eliminate the non-value-adding steps in your processes to make your business more effective and efficient. We can help you devise ways of working which will be easy to use so that your business runs smoothly and your staff can devote their energies to satisfying your customers.

Implementation Support

When you are implementing a system, you often have need of skills, which you just don't have in-house. Wouldn't it make it all much easier if you could call on someone who has already done the task, learned the lessons, and avoided the pitfalls? With FirstDBS you can do just that. We have experience of all stages of project implementations. FirstDBS can supply the skill-sets you need just for the project. As well, we can pass our skills on to your staff so that you then have the knowledge and expertise in-house to ensure that you make the best business use of your new system.

FirstDBS offers a post-implementation audit service to check that you are getting the business benefits you expected from your new system.

We can also audit your project so that you can benefit from your own experience next time round by knowing what you did well and where/why things went wrong. This simple step, a task typically taking 1- 3 days is the one usually ignored by businesses but yet which can save many man-days of wasted efforts next time.

Training and Mentoring

We have extensive experience of delivering education and training courses in many areas of operational management. We are also able to offer one-to-one mentoring support.

Operations Management Consultancy

We have over 20 years experience of delivering manufacturing and supply chain consultancy to a variety of clients in the pharmaceutical, automotive, consumer packaged goods and food sectors. We have implemented ERP systems in a wide range of clients spanning single-site to multi-country implementation. Our experience also includes analysis and improvement of existing business systems that no longer deliver the value required - or where the changing business environment means that operations managment need to change how the product or service is delivered

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