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Project Audits

Do you have a concern that your projects are running out of control? FirstDBS can provide you with peace of mind by conducting an audit and reality check on your project plans. This process typically takes 1 - 3 days. We provide you with both a presentation and a written report of the findings of the audit - both the areas where you are doing well and those which are cause for concern. We will highlight the problems and suggest solutions for them.

Post Implementation Audits and Project Reviews

First DBS is able to carry out Post Implementation Audits to check that you are receiving the business benefits you expected from your new system. We can review your recent projects and document the "lessons learned" so that you retain this knowledge in-house ready for the next project

Process Reviews

We can help you map your processes and help you re-design them to improve both their effectiveness and efficiency.

Data Model Health Checks

Any unnecessary complexity in a Data Model or Database Schema will inevitably cascade into much greater unnecessary complexity in software designed and built to access your database. First DBS Ltd believes in keeping things simple unless there are very good reasons indeed for making things more complicated.

Unfortunately, Data Models and Database Schemas tend to get "worn out" as additions are made to support new functionality. Well-intentioned changes, perhaps as expedients to speed up some query operation, all too often plant the seeds for later inconsistency, confusion for the human reader and update complexity.

Substantial overall cost savings can often be achieved by commissioning an occasional independent review by a fresh mind.

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